On the Clock consists of a series of black and white analog photographs that I captured as a way to portray the various career paths one could take. Throughout my upbringing every decision has been met with the question, what are you going to do with that? To my parents, it seemed that every week I had a new career path, for me it was just my ADHD and other neurodivergence’s hyper-fixating on cool jobs. My family is built on working; work ethic is not lacking in my uncle who has a PhD, uncle who is a CFO and lecturer at the Carlson School of Business simultaniuosly. Nor is it in my father who on every vacation still makes calls and checks his emails. These all contribute to my motivation to capture people doing their daily jobs. Every photograph consists of someone who is getting paid the moment the picture was taken as a way to create a physical documentation of the place they have ended up after making life altering decisions, albeit large or small, as they brought us all here. These decisions don’t mean the end, they mean now. Photography is my current decision. Enjoy.
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